About The Website

ABOUT The Website

This web site has been developedis designed to assist all participants in social work and welfare field education assessment. All those who are interested in the process of practicum actionsdeveloping students’ professional practice and student assessment are welcome to sue use this site. In particular it may be useful to students, field educators, university liaison staff, academics, agency staff and managers and professional bodies.

This site and the frameworks were developed  by social work field educators and academics linked to both Charles Sturt University and The University of Sydney with funding provided by the ALTC. [link to research report]

The research was considered necessary to address the current variability of professional judgement about practice learning across the wide variety of social work and welfare practice settings. The project aims to provide guidelines for consistency and equity in practicumfield education assessments for students, practitioners and educators. In doing this the research team acknowledge that practice learning and assessment will continue to evolve and develop over time.

The website is designed to be accessed in multiple ways, depending on your current question or concern.  You can enter via student learning case examples or via practice standards or via practice learning challenges. link to case examples, practice standards and learning challenges. 

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